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Time Critical Shipping with Interfreight

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Immediate response for your urgent deliveries – worldwide

Time critical refers to logistics operations requiring precision in order to tackle planned and uplanned events where time is the most important factor to consider. Successful time critical providers need to be 1. available 2.flexible 3. reliable 4. have access to an extensive network 5. be cost effective 6. have experienced personnel in multimodal moves.
At Interfreight we understand the challenges involved with time critical transportation and are available 24/7/365
Velocity delivered with extra benefits

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Interfreight featured in Gold Business Magazine

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One World, One Contact

Interfreight Logistics a one-stop-shop shipping and logistics services provider catering for a wide array of business sectors across the globe.

The range of services offered by Interfreight has grown and includes the following activities
1. International Freight Forwarding (Sea, Air, Road)
2. Warehousing Services
3. 3rd Party Logistics Services (3PL)
4. Packing and International Removals
5. Insurance Services
6. Customs Clearance
7. Local Transport
8. Project shipping

A big thank you to the editor and team of imh Business publications for the article.

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Interfreight Project Shipping Division

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Welcome to Interfreight Projects a new name but a familiar old friend. Our division belongs to the Interfreight group and is proud to flash its new colors to signify our specialization in project logistics.

The field of project cargo shipping requires high customer service levels and an obsessive attention to detail. Over the years we have moved many large project cargoes, this gives us the experience needed for heavy transportation shipments and oversized loads. We understand the challenges involved, the time sensitive nature of projects, the requirement for careful coordination of resources.

We have lifted power generators for the public and private sectors, heavy reels for the telecommunications sector, turbines for the energy sector, mega yachts for leisure, motorized drills for agriculture, enclosures for the construction industry, a mobile cement factory and many more.

We rely on our local contacts and simultaneously on a tried and tested global infrastructure to execute project cargo movements by intelligently coordinating resources and orchestrating the timing of movement. With highly motivated staff on location as well as in the office, Interfreight Projects can be trusted to get your project cargo shipping job done, no matter what. Get more info at


Introducing Limassol Interfreight Crated Self Storage

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Never have to visit self storage facilities ever again. Interfreight does self storage the simple way.

Here is how it works

  1. You pack  your goods and make them ready to go
  2. We deliver to your door as many heavy duty wooden crates as needed
  3. We transfer the crates back to our secure facilities for storage
  4. When needed we return the crates back to you

How much does it cost?

Well, instead of storing in oversized individual rooms, we use efficient racking so you only pay for the space you need. By grouping everyone’s storage together, we make savings that we can pass on to you. We charge a delivery fee of EUR 20 /crate to all main cities plus EUR 35/crate/month for storage.

Each crate measures 195cm*105cm*165cm. In need for a custom crate? Just let us know and we will customize a solution for you.


Interfreight featured in Capital Today Business Magazine

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Interfreight in search for new logistics models article featured in Capital Today.

Leading logistics provider Interfreight is at the stage of expanding its presence and constructing new freight platforms. The company is on the lookout for new transportation models in order to provide greater value for its clients and gain competitive advantage in the international transport arena. Formed in 2005 and headquartered in Limassol Cyprus the company covers 100 ports worldwide and is considered one of the fastest growing companies in the transportation field.

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Extended Storage Solutions In need for warehousing space?

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Interfreight Logistics has extended its warehousing solutions offering dedicated warehousing space to clients requiring independed access and control over their stocks. We offer warehouses of various sizes and heights to suit the needs of large and small clients. 24 hr access, 7 days a week and added value services such as loading/unloading; receiving/delivery and transport where this is required.

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Interfreight Cold Distribution

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Interfreight is a leading provider of cold chain distribution services utilising one of the biggest national fleets of temperature controlled vehicles. Interfreight uses dual temperature reefer semi-trailers all with temperature recorders and capable of carrying 33 europallets.

  • Temp: dual zone from -28 c to +28 c
  • Constant monitoring of temperature in transit
  • Solutions tailored to the employer’s demands
  • Daily distribution of approx.500 pallets to 17 locations in Cyprus
  • FRC certified trailers
  • 24/7 operation

Any enquiries are most welcome.


Customs Clearance with Interfreight

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Interfreight is proud to announce the formation of its own clearing department. Customs authorities require that entities hold a clearing licence in order to interface and carry out declarations. With the formation of our own clearing department staffed with licensed and experienced customs brokers we are in position to handle any customs related affairs inhouse.


Interfreight Logistics National Champion in 2015/16 European Business Awards

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The European Business Awards task is to showcase innovative businesses on the continent by promoting success, innovation and ethics in the European business community.

The best in class, past winners are from a diverse range of industries and are congratulated by an audience comprising heads of state, leading industrialists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, media owners and academics from across 33 European nations.

Interfreight Logistics is proud to be nominated as National Champion for the 2015/16 EBA awards.